About IWSP

The Institute of Physics of the University of Wrocław has a long-standing tradition, dating back to 1976, of organizing international conferences devoted to a wide range of aspects of surface science and its applications. In 2003, their new format of somewhat smaller and more specialized meetings held every two years was established, and hence, International Workshops on Surface Physics (IWSP) emerged. Already seventh in this well-recognized series, the IWSP-2015 will be held on 21-25 June 2015. As a rule, the meeting will take place in one of the little towns located among the picturesque hills nearby Wrocław.

Each workshop highlights a selected important topic in surface science. The leading theme of the forthcoming IWSP-2015 is 'Molecular Nanostructures'. The idea is to provide an overview of the current state of research in this field, report the latest achievements, show perspectives and discuss the most probable paths of progress of molecular nanoscience. Among others, the scientific program of IWSP-2015 will cover such phenomena as adsorption, desorption and dynamics of atoms and molecules on surfaces, molecular self-assembly and growth of thin films, the properties and applications of functionalized organic and inorganic nanostructures, and the methods of characterization of surface superstructures. Special sessions dedicated to molecular electronics as well as electrochemical research are planned. However, other areas of frontier research related to understanding and controlling the physical and chemical properties of surfaces and interfaces will also be represented.

The high scientific level of the contributions combined with a friendly and relaxing atmosphere of the IWSP meetings allow particularly stimulating discussions and a fruitful exchange of ideas – during as well as after the sessions. The workshops emphasize direct person-to-person contacts, facilitating an effective transfer of knowledge between world-renowned experts and early-carrier researchers.