Invited Speakers

  • Johannes Barth (Munich, Germany)
    Design and Manipulation of Emerging Nanomaterials and Functional Molecular Nanosystems
    at Interfaces

  • Manfred Buck (St Andrews, UK)
    Self-Assembly and Templating at the Liquid-Solid Interface

  • Ulrike Diebold (Vienna, Austria)
    Atomic-scale Studies of Metal Oxide Surfaces

  • Katharina Franke (Berlin, Germany)
    Spin Excitations in Single Molecules on Superconductors

  • Barbara Garrison (University Park, Pennsylvania, USA)
    Molecular Dynamics Simulations: the Theoretical Partner to Cluster and Dynamic SIMS Experiments
    (special honorary lecture related to Ted Madey Award of the AVS)

  • Szymon Godlewski (Kraków, Poland)
    Interaction of Molecules with Single Atoms on Hydrogenated Semiconductors

  • Leo Gross (Zurich, Switzerland)
    AFM for Molecular Structure Elucidation

  • Nian Lin (Hong Kong, China)
    Create and Manipulate Quantum States on Surface using Molecules

  • Marek Nowicki (Wrocław, Poland)
    Solid-Liquid Interfaces Investigated by EC-STM and CV

  • José Ortega (Madrid, Spain)
    Reversible Phase Transitions on Semiconductor Surfaces

  • Alexandre Tkatchenko (Berlin, Germany)
    The Many-Body Path towards Quantitative Modeling of Complex Adsorption Systems

  • Héctor Vázquez (Prague, Czech Republic)
    Chemical Linkers, Quantum Interference and Other Effects in Single Molecule Circuits:
    Insight from First Principles

  • Harold Zandvliet (Enschede, The Netherlands)
    Molecular Electronics: Single Molecule Devices